Canteen is one of the important part of student life where you can find most of students chatting and gossiping on different topics. It plays a vital role in removing tensions and refreshing students. the college canteen is fairly new and provides enough and delicious food at affordable rates.

Our college has the facility of spacious, clean and hygienic canteen that caters to the taste of all students. the College has a 1 canteen inside the campus in which variety of things are available at most nominal rates. the canteen remains open on all working days. It provides all types of hygienic eatables and beverages to cater to the students, staff and visitors.

One can enjoy delicious food at a very reasonable price. the canteen has strict instructions from the college management to serve the food for the students at very reasonable price. the college does not charge any food expense to students; they have to pay only for meals when they are having it. We have always tried to serve the students' best food at cheapest rate.

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